Tuesday, June 24, 2008

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Monday, June 23, 2008

(sakura is the one talking) this is a short but a little big story.

it was a dark and cold night. i needed warmth so i came to naruto and the next thing i know naruto says i love you sakura. i blussed so much he said you look so red you kind of look like a chilly pepper (a red pepper like on the chilly resterant sign).after i laughed my lungs out i was thinking about asking him on a date. i was just about to say it then naruto said it instead. (sakura says this sentance in her head)wow naruto is fast and cute. hay sakura im glade i choose you instead of henata. THE NEXT DAYTHERE DATE
well of cource naruto brong me to the ramen shop for the date anyone knew that. naruto through in some extra money for the roman shop owner so he can make it more romanic.NIGHT FALL
hay sakura you want me to walk you home naruto says. no thank you my house is only a block down the road. bang all of a sudden a strong ninja from the sound village attacked me. 50 MIN. LATER
man i am almost out of chackra what am i going to do. right when the ninja from the sound got his kuni out and was about to kill her a kuni came out of no where and hit the ninjas hand and then naruto knocked out the ninja. naruto then carried her home but naruto was so tierd he fell onto her bed and fell asleep there. SAKURA WAKES IN THE MORNING
naruto must of brong me home sakura doesn't notice naruto and gets out of bed and steps on him!!! naruto wakes up. owww!!!!!!! what are you doing her naruto idk i must of had fell asleep here sorry!!! naruto im going to get you!!!!! ahhhhhhhh!!!!!! naruto screems and starts running sakura catches up to naruto and grabs him but instead of punching him she kisses him. that is for the wonderful date yeseterday. naruto says good bye and goes home for breakfeast.AT NARUTOS HOUSE. that was my first kiss from a girl and one that i like. mybe me and sakura should go on a date some time again and man did that kiss feel good.
i know the story wasn't that good but i was bored and it was 12:50AM when i made this story!!!
and if you did like it i hope you injoyed it
if you like ichiruki stories then i recemend you see my sisters fanlib acconct she has a couple of stories and videos (they are really good) her account is ichiruki12741

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